Promotion of Governance of Policy for Sustainable Development in the SME Sector


About the project

The implementation period of the project is from April 24, 2015 until April 30, 2016

The aim of the project:

To create a training programme “Implementation of Environmental Policy in Etrepreneurship”

  • To motivate Latvian entrepreneurs (at least 10% of the target audience) to implement the environmental policy in the short- and long-term business strategy;
  • To inform and educate the target groups of the project on the topics of environment and climate issues during the implementation of the project by organizing 1 seminar, 2 roundtable discussions and 1 conference.

PrThe project “Promotion of Governence of Policy for Sustainable Development in the SME Sector”. Project is co-financed of EUR 103 840.00 from the European Economic Area’s financial mechanism within the framework of the small grant scheme “Capacity Building in the Field of Research and Measures for Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change and its Consequences” of the program “National Climate Policy”.


Project promoters:


The lead partner of the project – apmācību uzņēmums SIA “Demarsch” – supports functions of the project and it is one of the experts which will participate in the creation of the content of the training material.

The Latvian partner – The engineering company LTD “Ekodoma” – its mission is to carry quality data acquisition by surveying companies. The Latvian partner is also responsible for the analysis and processing of the output data to use the collected data for the creation of the training material.

The Norvegian partner – Østfold University College – College – its mission is to provide examples practice for both the project and the individual presentation at the closing conference of the project, as well as to give an advice to the project partners on the creation of the training programme.

Project spotlights and work done

The project has led to the development of the training material that is available online in this website. Scheduled company trainings are taking place both in regions and in the territory of Riga on the environmental policy, the public attention is  focused on the topics of the environmental issues.

Thanks for the support

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About Demarsch

LTD “Demarsch” is a training company, which more than 9 years actively forms and educates professionals of various sectors. It advises, prepares and administers the European Structural Units’ projects to its clients – Latvian companies as well as helps find the most appropriate staff (Headhunting). Our mission is to create lasting values, which in their essence are new, original, practically applicable. We want to contribute to the environment around us to make it better and friendlier.

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